Hermit is the main antagonist of .Hack//Quantum.


Hermit first shows up in The One Sin Challenge hiding later on he met Sakuya who he became friends with. Later, they are kidnapped until Mary and Tobias rescued them they are than chased by their kidnappers and Hermit later falls and a portal sends them to the dark tree and the kidnappers later became sleepers by Sophia (CC Corp's own anti virus) who then tries to the same to Sakuya but Mary saves her and she became a sleeper instead and Sakuya logged out.

It was shown that Hermit hacked Sophia he made many people become Sleepers due to his search for the right donor later on when Hermit hears The News of His Death he goes mad and decided to end the world along with himself and create a riot in the world by sending Army to attack the players and the cities however Shamrock PK them before he has the chance, later on Hermit sends another army and hacked The One Sin into becoming a part of The Army and hacked The Lost Ground Statue into becoming his base he also seemed to anticipated all things to be done by Shamrock and made his move he later sends a message to Sakuuya to meet him.

Later on he captures Tobias and lures Sakuya to his base he than learned she was a compatible donor for his disease and when Sakuya enters his lair he revealed himself to be the one behind this havoc and wants Sakuya to end his life, but Sakuya refuses and Hermit is later redeemed and hugs Sakuya and at the end it was introduced that he was going to be all right because his father had him frozen and that his mind was digitized and sent to a digital prison for criminals. Hermit would be returning to his body and return his life and play "The World" with Sakuya and the others. However... there is still someone out there pulling the strings, and what happened to Hermit was no accident.