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Herman Von Klempt

Herman Von Klempt

Herman von Klempt is a Nazi 'mad scientist' who has worked on numerous schemes to control or destroy the world. Though his body was destroyed, von Klempt survived as a head in a jar, often assisted in his work by his mechanical apes.


A German scientist, von Klempt was a close colleague of Karl Ruprecht Kroenen at university and it was Kroenen that saved von Klempt after the explosion that lost him his body. Although the two men apparently shared similar ideas, von Klempt was not recruited by Grigori Rasputin as a disciple, preferring scientific work over occultism. Von Klempt was assigned to other Nazi projects.

In 1939 von Klempt was made head of a Nazi space program that attempted to recruit extraterrestrials into the Nazi regime. The operation however was stopped by American troops and the rocket crashed into the hanger doors, killing all in the facility, save von Klempt.  

After the collapse of the Nazi regiem von Klempt ried to destroy America with a plague of vampires by sending a rocket filled with the undead to the states. Once again the operation flailed in an explosion caused by the BPRD’s founding member professor Broom. The torsoless Nazi was next sighted in Brazil were he attempted to make armies from super soldiers  (created by dead convicts) or early Kriegaffe. He was however defeated by Hellboy (Broom's adopted son) and the BPRD on several occasions over the 1950s.


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