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I'm the one asking the questions now, fuck face!
~ Herman Howards

Herman Howards is the protagonist of the 2012 motion picture "Hello Herman" written by John Buffalo Mailer and directed by Michelle Danner.

He was portrayed by the actor Garrett Backstrom.

Herman Howards carried out a massacre in his school located in the fictional Any Town, USA. His motive is most likely revenge, as he was constantly bullied and rejected by the girl he had feelings for. He is then executed in the electric chair.


Herman has brunette, short hair. In school he mostly wears normal clothing, not setting him apart from the other students. On the day of the massacre he is wearing a green jacket and jeans.


The protagonist is shy in nature and keeps to himself. This personality is only reinforced, when he gets bullied and excluded to the point of him showing a completely different side, the aggressive and bold killer, who takes out 42 people one by one.