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Tear down every wall and cog in this wretched place, and you will find only shadows.
~ Herex after obtaining the Artifact

Herex, also known as The Whispering Venom, is a mini boss in the video game, Spiral Knights.


Once a member of the Crimson Order, a band of Nine Gremlins, who served the (presumably evil) Gremlin King, Tinkinzar, Herex was known as the Whispering Venom and a treacherous member of the Nine. Warmaster Seerus, in particular, did not get along well with Herex, seeing him as a potential threat. Herex saw that the King and his Order were blind to the truth, and swore to rule the mechanical planet Cradle all for himself by tapping into the power of the Swarm and using it as his ultimate weapon. Thus, Herex began his plot to control the Swarm and overthrow Tinkinzar as the god of Cradle.

He had his minion, Schemer Razwog, obtain the Artifact needed to open the Core, at which he would promptly use the Swarm to take over the Core, and thus all of Cradle. The Spiral Knights tracked down Razwog and defeated and killed him off, taking the Artifact. Upon learning of this setback, he decided to intervene himself and invaded the laboratories with his Gremlin enforcers, who distracted the Knights while he stole the Artifact himself. The Knights were unable to stop him from escaping effortlessly with the Artifact.

Herex took the Artifact down into the Firestorm Citadel, which had been vacated of a ruler since the evil Lord Vanaduke's demise at the hands of the Spiral Knights. Herex claimed the Throne Room for himself and used the Artifact to open the Core via an insertion point. The Knights confronted him upon seeing this, and he informed them smugly that it was too late to stop his grand plans for obtaining the power within, and attacked.

Herex battled the Spiral Knights in the Throne Room of Firestorm Citadel but escaped into the Core before they could defeat him, claiming that the power of the Core and the Swarm would all be his, and he would make the Spiral Knights the first victims. It is unknown what his next move is, or how the Spiral Knights will stop him.


  • Herex is currently the most likely candidate for main antagonist, as his plan endangers all within Cradle, Spiral Knights or Gremlins.
  • Warmaster Seerus appears to be paranoid about Herex, wondering if he sent Iron Assassins to attack him.