Hercules is the titular former secondary antagonist of The Three Stooges Meet Hercules. He was a henchman to Odius and originally the Three Stooges' rival.

He was portrayed by ???

The Stooges traveled back in time with a shy inventor, Schuyler Davis and his girlfriend, Diane Quigley. They appear in the middle of a battle. Believed to be gods, they met Hercules, who was under the service of the evil King Odius. Their presence has allowed the king to defeat and imprison Ulysses. Realizing they have disrupted the proper course of history, Schuyler and the boys free Ulysses, after which Odius banishes them to the galleys, where Schuyler builds impressive muscles while constantly rowing. They earned their freedom by convincing everyone Schuyler is Hercules. They had Schuyler fight monsters in a local gladiatorial arena with the help of Curly Joe's sleeping pills. The real Hercules catch wind of this, and he was furious. Odius was able to capture them, and have them confront Hercules. Schuyler decide to fight him without the use of Joe's pills. Hercules was no match for him. Schuyler convinced him that he was meant to be a great hero throughout history. Inspired, Hercules was asked to aid Ulysses, and he help Schuyler and the Stooges save Diane and escape.


  • The film's actual main antagonist is Odius, not Hercules. In the 1997 Disney animated film Hercules, the main antagonist is Hades. He is the Greek mythical counterpart of Satan.