Herbot is the main and final antagonist in the 2015 Halloween Party on Club Penguin. He was designed by Herbert. P Bear as the ultimate weapon of chaos and anarchy, however the robot became more and more intelligent up until the point where it decided to work against its master and take over Club Penguin itself.


During the process of creating him, Herbert decided to corrupt the current animatronics on the island in order to by himself time to make the perfect creation. After being created by Herbert he went along with his master's plans until he realised that he was more intelligent than Herbert himself. After this he went on to trap Herbert and Klutzy and engaged in the final battle with the player. Due to Herbot being more intelligent than his penguin counterparts he was much harder to defeat but the player eventually did so and would receive a free herbot mask after it.


  • He is an obvious parody of the more powerful animatronics from the infamous Indie Horror series Five Nights at Freddy's (which in itself is a parody of various pizza animatronic mascots). However while those are possessed animatronics, Herbot is purely A.I.


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