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Herbie was a whiny, annoying pusher for Esteban's crime family in the 1994 movie Fresh.

He was played by Víctor González.

Herbie's villainary begins when Fresh comes in to receive his drugs to give to Esteban. He outright insults Fresh when he comes him, calling him a "maricon" a few times. He brags about getting all the women (which he doesn't -- he's a loser). He then talks disrespectfully of his sister, saying Esteban was fooling with her, which provokes Fresh. He then preceeds to threaten Fresh, saying, "I'ma fuck you up."

It doesn't end there. When Chillie dies in Jame's apartment shootout, he whines in annoying way. He's just an unpleasant guy to be around, period.

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