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Hera Argeia Queen of Olympus

Hera Argeia is an enemy of Thor and his Asgardian family in the Marvel Universe.

20th Century

In 1919, she and Frigga, wife of Odin, chieftain of the Asgardian Gods, discovered Mark Cadmon living on the streets of Chicago, Illinois and saw his true untapped potential. They placed him among a group of other young adults who became known as the Young Gods, and when the Fourth Host of the Celestials occurred, Gaea produced the Young Gods to the Celestials as what the human race could attain if allowed to exist. The Celestials accepted the Young Gods as prime examples of humanity and departed Earth taking the Young Gods with them.

By the late 1940s, Hera (assuming her Roman name of Juno) had relocated with the other Olympians to the planet Venus and were briefly under the rule of Aphrodite who took on her Roman name as well. When Venus came to the aid of an office girl named Lucy whose boyfriend Frank Foster became obsessed with Juno, Venus decided to let him meet her face to face. The easily jealous Juno proved to too much for Frank to handle after the goddess got into a fight with a waitress. Later, when Juno crossed paths with Venus' lover Whitney Hammond. With her romance in jeopardy, Venus returned Juno back to Olympus.

Modern Era

After Zeus' death at Mikaboshi's hands, Hera inherits his thunderbolt and position as the Olympians' ruler, promising a new era to her race. However, Hera abused both of her powers as well as of her subordinates, killing Amadeus Cho's parents (indirectly), making an (uneasy) alliance with Norman Osborn, bulling Poseidon into submission with Pluto's help, expelling Apollo and Artemis simply for not being hers children, and extending her hatred even for her own children like Ares, Hephaestus and Hebe for the smallest disobedience. Ultimately, her ambition grew to the point that she tried to recreate the whole universe with the weapon Continuum, but Zeus (resurrected as a child) convinced her to give up such insanity. Unfortunately, Typhon (who at the time was magically controlled by Hera) betrayed Hera and killed both her and Zeus with the help of Aegis breastplate, and their soul where promptly taken by Tanathos to the underworld.

Their souls would not rest forever, since that the Chaos King (aka Mikaboshi) quickly tore apart all kinds of afterlife in earth and eventually slaved all the souls in Hades, including Hera and Zeus. In the end, Hercules resurrected they both back to the power. Later, when Hulk tried to force Zeus to cure A-Bomb and Red She-hulk, Hera sensed his true noble reasons informed them to everyone present, and mocked Hulk, but Zeus still refuses to help, claiming that such kind of altruism is the "Wrong religion", and he quickly beat up the green Goliath to submission. Hera witnessed Hercules freeing Hulk of his torment and, when she asked Zeus why he allowed Hercules to do such thing, Zeus replied that Hulk brought his own punishment upon himself long ago.

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