Hera was the queen of the Olympian gods and wife of Zeus. She viewed Hercules as a constant reminder of her husband's infidelities with mortals and so took every opportunity to torture Hercules by sending monsters after him, killing his friends and family and even threatening all of mankind.


Hercules later banished her into Limbo until Zeus decided to free her in the series finale. Though she eventually regained her memories and tried to kill Hercules again, Hercules convinced her and Zeus that their personal war was both their fault, and he was able to convince Hera to end her feud with him.

Hera later appeared in Xena: Warrior Princess, where after Xena's baby was prophesied to bring an end to the Gods of Olympus in an event known as The Twilight of The Gods, while Zeus was determined to kill a pregnant Xena to prevent this from coming to pass, Hera stood with Hercules in stopping him, due to Hercule's belief that mankind can live without the gods. However, Zeus found out and killed her.


  • She was portrayed by Meg Foster, Joy Watson, Elizabeth Hawthorne and Narelle Swenson.
  • While released around the same time as the Hercules and Xena universe version, the Hera of Disney's Hercules is an entirely different character due to Disney turning her into Hercules's mother for censorship reasons.