Hephaestus (New Earth) 002

Hephaestus, whom the Romans call Vulcan, is the god of Fire and the Forge. He is a member of the Olympians, a extra-dimensional race once worshipped as a deity by the people of Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. He is the patron of technology, blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes. He is the son of Zeus the king of the gods and his wife Hera.

He was born on Mount Olympus but was thrown off by his mother due to his deformed features, Hephaestus lived with water nymphs near the island of Lemnos. Due to appearance in the eyes of the Olympians his father Zeus arranged a marriage with Aphrodite the goddess of love and beauty.

Hephaestus is a smith and weapons-maker, best known for creating Zeus's thunderbolts. He also crafted Wonder Woman's weapons and armor such as the Gauntlets of Atlas, the Sandals of Hermes and the Bracelets of Submission.

The Flash's changes to reality created a new world where Eugene's life had significantly changed. In this new world, Wonder Woman receives several revelations about her true past from Hephaestus and his son Eros.

They tell her that Zeus is her actually her father, and even worse he tells her the truth about the male Amazons. The Amazons every thirty three years capture and seduce wayward travellers to replenish their numbers and then kill them, once they have fulfilled their purpose. When a daughter is born she is welcomed into the Amazon tribe but all the males are killed; that is until Hephaestus started trading them for weapons. The males are looked after and grow up to be laborers in his forge. Wonder Woman attempted to free them from their slavery, but they resisted, thinking instead that it is not slavery, he rescued them and have given the life purpose.

Sometime later Eros and Hephaestus journey to the Underwolrd to the wedding with Wonder Woman, only to make her escape once they arrive. Hades was upset about it all, mostly because he did not understand how Wonder Woman could love everyone since he does not love himself to any degree. Hephaestus gives the god a present a silver mirror. Wonder Woman makes a long shot at Hades with one of Eros' pistols while he was looking at himself in the mirror.