Henry Villanova

Henry Villanova is the villain of the Quack Pack episode; "Transmission: Impossible". He was voiced by the late Jonathan Harris.

Role in the series

Villanova is an art historian who decides he deserves all the art treasures, so he uses a device to teleport objects from any camera to his mansion. When Huey, Dewey and Louie accidentally interfere and get the diamond, he steals it back disguised as a ninja. Then, when the kids go to his mansion and find he's the thief, he breaks part of the house and frames them for vandalism. When the kids return once again, he tries to teleport them to the London Tower to be framed for stealing the crown jewels, but Dewey inverts the batteries and Villanova gets teleported instead and caught trying to steal the jewels.


  • Henry Villanova bears a striking resemblance to Tetti-Tatti.
  • Henry Villanova made an appearance in the Quack Pack episode, "Long Arm of the Claw".