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Henry dunn
Henry Dunn is the character from Harper's Island and the hidden main antagonist of the series. He was biological son of John Wakefield (the legendary perpetrator) and Sarah Mills (who broke up with Wakefield). He was also the biological half-brother of the series' main character, Abby Mills.


  • To spend on the island with Abby forever.

List of Victims

  • Frank Dunn
  • Ben Wellington
  • Reverend Fain
  • Hunter Jennings
  • Thomas Wellington
  • Richard Allen
  • Malcolm Ross
  • JD Dunn
  • Katherine Wellington
  • Trish Wellington
  • Christopher "Sully" Sullivan
  • John Wakefield


Abby Stabs Henry

Abby stabs her brother

Henry's Death

Henry's death

  • Gets stabbed by Abby.

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