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Henry Bowers

Full Name
Henry Bowers
Stephen King's It
Powers / Skills
No information
Kill the Losers.
Type of Villain
Bully / Pawn

Been throwing rocks at anyone, nigger? Want to know who poisoned your fucking dog?
~ Henry Bowers returns for revenge

Henry Bowers is the dangerously psychotic school bully and secondary antagonist in the novel IT and its 1990 adaptation. He is portrayed both by Jarred Blancard as a child and Michael Cole as an adult.


Henry has a serious mental problem in which he thinks killing is okay (most likely Sociopathy or Schizophrenia). After being humiliated by the seven main characters, he and two other bullies named Belch and Patrick (Victor Criss in the book), followed them to the sewers to kill them as revenge. Vic and Belch are killed by IT, in the form of Frankenstein's Monster, and Henry runs as fast as he can out of IT's reach. He makes it out of the sewers after several nightmarish hours and then staggers home. At his home he finds the police, who have just found his father's corpse, whom he himself killed under IT's possession. The police assume Henry has committed all the murders that year (perhaps under IT's influence). Henry is placed into Juniper Hill mental asylum.

The Revenge of Henry Bowers

Henry Bowers 30 years later
Venage237Added by Venage237
Thirty years later, Henry is seen in a mental Institute called Juniper Hills since he was found by the police in the sewers after his encounter with Pennywise. Pennywise manipulated Henry to kill the main characters. He escaped the institute with the help of the clown, and attempted to kill Mike. When the others tried to save Mike, Henry accidentally stabbed himself, killing him. (In the novel, Henry dies later during an attempt to kill Eddie who stabs him to death in self-defense.)
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