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Quarantine Henry

Henry is a mysterious person who acts as the true main antagonist of the horror film, Quarantine 2:Terminal.


Henry was a person aboard the plane during the infection, he first acts as a very nice and protective person who protects the protagonists from other threats.

During the zombie outbreak in the terminal, he escapes from the zombies and kidnaps a innocent boy named George, he is revealed to be a terrorist and was the one who infected innocent people on the plane, putting infected rats inside the plane.

The protagonist named Jenny finds Henry and George in a cellar, Jenny sneaks into the cellar and tries to help George escape, however, Henry was infected and transformed into a strong and powerful zombie.

Jenny and George both manage to kill him, however, Jenny was infected by Henry and George leaves her alone inside the terminal, leading to a sad ending.


  • Henry is the first villain of the franchise to not be an infected villain at first like the rest of the antagonists or possessed like Angela Vidal.

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