What am I doing? What am I doing...

Henry was a villain in Klay World. He apeared in the episodes; Henry's Shotgun, Dr. Bob saves the day 3, and All gone, in which he serves as the secondary antagonist. He loves guns, and will kill his own friends without mercy.


One day Henry was walking, when Dr. Bob gave him a shotgun. He showed it to his friends, and then started fooling around with it and killed them all but one. Eventually, he got rid of it, so 3 of his friends got him a present; an Uzi. He kept fooling around, pretending to load it but he really did it and killed two of his friends. The other tried to wrestle the gun away from the insane klayman, but Henry fired the gun but accidentally shot the top of his own head off. His friend decided to bring him to Dr. Bob, but he quit before he could treat Henry. A few days later, Dr. Bob hosted a party, so he could secretly start violence that would end Klay World. Henry showed up to the party, but when violence did break out, he just stood there. Eventully he found a mini gun hidden by Dr. Bob in the salad. He used it to kill many klayman including the one who shot his head off. Then Dr. Bob shot him with a rocket launcher, knocking him off the table. Later, Dr. Bob shot and killed his friend Pick, and Chip prepared to kill him, but Henry reveals himself to have survived, and shot it at the table, knocking it over killing everyone but Dr. Bob, Chip and Chip's best friend Rick. Dr. Bob and Chip both survive by holding on to the side of the table and pulling themselves up. Rick survives the fall. Henry notices Dr. Bob and Chip on top of the table and calls them "two naughty klaymen trying to be sneaky" and prepares to shoot the rocket launcher but Rick runs over sticks his arm in rocket launcher, causing in explosion that kills him and Henry. Chip and Bob look at the spot were Rick gave his life to save him, and he prepares to battle to the death with Bob.