Henoch in Spock's body

You see, Sargon would not permit me to keep this body. It is therefore necessary for you to kill your captain, so that Sargon will die with him.
~ Henoch, explaining his intentions to Nurse Chapel

Henoch is a one-shot villain appearing in the Star Trek franchise, serving as the main antagonist of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Return to Tomorrow."

He is portrayed by the late Leonard Nimoy, who also played Spock in the TOS episode "Mirror, Mirror," Mr. Hyde in The Pagemaster, Master Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts, and Sentinel Prime in Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Henoch is one of three survivors of an ancient, long-dead race. In 2268, his preserved consciousness, along with those of Sargon and Thalassa, is discovered by the crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) commanded by Captain James T. Kirk. While Sargon possesses Kirk and Thalassa, his lover, possesses Dr. Ann Mulhall, Henoch possesses the body of Commander Spock, and he revels in his host's superior Vulcan physiology.

Sargon and Thalassa possessing Kirk and Mulhall for long periods of times causes strain upon their bodies, so Henoch (whose host can house him for longer) develops a formula that allows Sargon and Thalassa to counterbalance this effect long enough for them to build robotic, permanent bodies for themselves. However, eager to remain inside his Vulcan body (believing Sargon will not allow him to do so), Henoch hypnotizes Nurse Christine Chapel into forgetting that he prepared a special formula that will kill Kirk and therefore Sargon.

Later, Henoch tries to entice Thalassa into keeping her own human body, and destroys the orb housing Spock's consciousness. He then takes over the Enterprise's bridge, wreaking havoc upon the bridge crew with his psychic powers. Kirk, Mulhall, and Dr. Leonard McCoy arrive to stop him, but he incapacitates Kirk and Mulhall by causing them to feel great pain. McCoy then advances on Henoch with a hypospray filled with a lethal formula, but Henoch stops him and boasts that he knows every thought of every mind around him. Henoch then orders a brainwashed Chapel to take McCoy's hypospray and inject him with it, but Chapel instead injects the formula into Henoch.

Henoch jumps up from the captain's chair, shocked, but then turns to the crew, chuckles smugly, and claims he will just find another body to inhabit. He looks fearful and begins begging an unseen Sargon to allow him to transfer, but he falls dead.

It turns out that Spock's consciousness was within Chapel the whole time, and that Sargon allowed Henoch to believe that the formula he was injected with was deadly to him so he could trick him into vacating Spock's body.


Hello. Oh, you are a lovely female. A pleasant sight to wake up to after half a million years.
~ Henoch's first lines, after inhabiting Spock's body and seeing Nurse Chapel
This is an excellent body, Doctor. I seem to have received the best of the three. Strength, hearing, eyesight--all far above your human norms. I'm surprised the Vulcans never conquered your race.
~ Henoch, to McCoy
It will have twice the strength and agility of your body, engineer, and will last a thousand years. That is, assuming you'll stop wasting your time and allow us to complete it.
~ Henoch, to Scotty
A thousand-year prison, Thalassa. And when it wears out, we'll build another one, and we'll lock ourselves into it for another thousand years. And another, and another. Sargon has closed his mind to a better way. With these bodies.
~ Henoch, to Thalassa
When you awoke in this body, Thalassa, you said how good it was to breathe again, to have eyes and to see again. To feel. To live and feel again, Thalassa. Just think how much we can do for mankind. Are these bodies too much to ask for in return? Would you prefer this?
~ Henoch, to Thalassa
You have no excuse to keep the real body any longer. Sargon would've required that you enter the mechanism immediately.
~ Henoch, trying to tempt Thalassa
Must I make an example of you, too, helm?
~ To Sulu when he attempts to stop him on the bridge
Pain, Captain. And you, my dear?
~ Henoch psychically torturing Kirk and Mulhall on the bridge when they arrive to stop him
Fortunately, Doctor, I know every thought of every mind around me.
~ To McCoy when he tries to inject him with a lethal concoction
Fools! I will simply transfer to another place, another body. [...] Sargon! No, Sargon, please! Let me...let me...transfer...
~ Henoch's last words