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Okay, c*cksucker, f*ck with me, and we'll see who sh*ts on the sidewalk.
~ Hennesey

Warden Hennessey, also called "Hennessey", is the main antagonist of Death Race.

She was portrayed by Joan Allen, who also portrayed Pamela Landy in the Bourne film series.


Upon the beginning of the film, she has hired Pachenko to kill Suzy and frame her husband Jensen Ames for her murder. She makes Ames a deal; Frankenstein has won four races, if a contestant wins five races, they are free. If Ames wins this Death Race, he is free. On one condition: He must publicly pose as Frankenstein. After Ames is imprisoned, she announced that the race gets started in first stage. During 2nd stage, her plans are foiled after the death of Pachenko by Ames (wearing the mask of his predecessor to get revenge for his wife) and the destruction of Dreadnought. During the last stage of Death Race, Hennesey was shocked that Ames and Machine Gun Joe were able to escape the island. She tries to kill Ames with bomb remote control device that she had planted on Ames' car while giving a speech; but was transferred to somewhere. At the end of the film, she and Ulrich were killed in the explosion by Coach with the same bomb that was meant for him.


Hennessey is very tyrannical, intelligent, manipulative, and treacherous. She wants to make her plans succeed; so that she always prevents men from having their families (wives, children, grandparents, and grandchildren, and anybody else). Upon the final stage, she would be led to a downfall for good.


  • Fine from Senki Zesshou Symphogear series is based and modeled after Hennesey.
  • She shares many similar to Izanami from Blazblue series:
    • Both are villainesses.
    • Both of them are bringing deaths to any heroes.
    • Both are tyrants.