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Helvetica "Hel" Black was a villain from the American adventure film Shorts. Her father, Mr. Carbon Black, was the leader of Black Box, Inc. She bullies Toe Thompson constantly with a large group of older boys siding led by her brother, Cole Black thinking that she can get away with anything. Toe speculated in front of the entire school that the only reason Hel bullied him was because she had a crush on him. As a result, Toe was thrown in a trash can by her and her brother. Toe was then attacked a second time by Cole and his gang near a dumpster. Using a wishing rock later in the story, Hel Black wishes for a rocket bike and to destroy Toe. However, she almost kills herself at the feet of Mr. Black. Later, Toe and Hal's gang fight over the wishing rock and then all students fight over it. However, Mr Black steals the rock and fired all adults in the town. She is then forced to try bringing down her own father to not let the world be destroyed. However, at the end, she no longer bullies Toe. In fact, she admits (at least, sort of) that she likes Toe (whose name is Toby). Her father is also redeemed at the end of the movie.


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