The Helping Hands

The Helping Hands

What do you mean help? We are Helping. We're Helping Hands.
~ The Shaft of Hands aka the Helping Hands.

The Shaft of Hands, better known collectively as the Helping Hands, is a deep chute found in the Labyrinth, which is lined with hundreds of namesake sentient handswhich occupy this vertical corridor. They communicate by grouping together to form faces (generally using 5 to 7 hands), complete with moving mouths and expressive eyes.

They also hold Sarah Williams in place while she decides whether she'd like to go back up the corridor, or continue downward. When she chooses down, the hands drop her, and it is revealed that the bottom of their shaft leads to the Oubliette.



  • The Helping Hands are made up of hundreds of painted latex gloves, modeled after puppet designer Jane Gootnick's hand.