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Scorpion the Hellspawn

Scorpion, a well-known but cursed Hellspawn spectre.

The Hellspawn (also called "Hellspawns") are undead entities that are capable of manipulating fire and one of the known hostile species in the Mortal Kombat universe.

The Hellspawn possesses some abilities similar to the powers of the Wraiths including fire manipulation.

About the Hellspawn

Scorpion's entire beloved ninja clan, the Shirai Ryu, were resurrected by the Elder Gods as payment for him aiding them against the ancient Outworld emperor Onaga. However, they betrayed him by resurrecting the clan as undead Hellspawns similar to Scorpion.

The Hellspawn were dispatched by Scorpion to battle against Taven in order to prevent him from stopping Armageddon in his vengeance and retailation against the very gods who betrayed him.

Larger Hellspawns have also appear as giant skulls which manipulate fire.

Hellspawns generally come in groups; while they are easy to defeat alone, they can be difficult in numbers.


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