The Hellions are a villainous street-gang from City of Heroes. They initially glance appear to be typical malefactors engaging in anarchic lifestyles - however on closer inspection the Hellions are revealed to be a much more troubling entity: namely demon-worshippers, high-ranking Hellions have even managed to gain demonic abilities via embracing the darkness (the nature of the dark forces that empower the Hellions is debatable, but Paragon Police and agents of MAGI have documented many reports of gang members gaining supernatural abilities) and the gang are often seen committing arson: in fact setting fires seems to be a major part of being a Hellion and they enjoy seeing things burn (which suggests that as well as being demon-worshippers many of them are also pyromaniacs). The Hellions has biggest chapters of its membership residing in Atlas Park, Galaxy City, and Perez Park. Atlas and Galaxy swarm with them.

As members rise in the ranks, they are exposed to a quasi-religious dogma, where power is achieved through crimes, or acts of sin. In the Hellions’ worldview, fear, greed, lust, and anger are powers to be tapped into. They openly claim to “worship the devil,” and brandish Satanic images like a blunt hammer, but few realize that their leaders are deadly serious in their beliefs. Members maintain a strict code of secrecy and solidarity, even under police interrogation, and the gang leaders – the Fallen and the Damned – take their secrets to the grave.

Members fight for power amongst themselves, to establish their status in the gang’s hierarchy. The lower rungs of the Hellions’ leadership is ever changing, as more ambitious climbers struggle to prove their ability.

Hellions also regularly engage in fights with rival street-gangs such as the Skulls and are one of the more numerous and easily defeated opponents a low-level hero or villain will face, though their leaders can be more of a challenge.