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The Hellhounds are minor antagonists in the 2010 movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. They are the pets of Hades and Persephone.


Percy Jackson, his friend Annabeth Chase and his satyr protector Grover Underwood are carried by Charon to the palace of Hades, where his mother Sally Jackson is imprisoned. After they enter, the Hellhounds sense the presence of the satyr and go attack them. However, Persephone comes and scolds them, so they leave the room.

Shortly after, Hades steals them the Lightning Bolt and asks Persephone to feed Percy and his friends to the souls. She opens the gate of the burning souls and summons the Hellhounds, who attack the group. Hades then gloats about his victory and makes out with Persephone, but she takes him the Lightning Bolt and uses it to knocks him out before ordering the Hellhounds to leave.