Heller is an antagonist in the "Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters" series.


The notorious thug Heller had been slowly making smaller scores – until he ended up accidentally stealing one of the Choten’s gauntlets! Armed with Choten technology, Heller had enough natural talent to use his newfound power to force a Light civilization creature named Shaw K'Naw to do his thieving for him. This grungy third has already robbed several jewelry stores... downtown San Campion had better watch out!


He first appears using a stolen Choten's gauntlet. He discovered its power when he unknowingly summoned Shaw K'Naw to Earth and used it to commit a crime spree throughout San Campion. He did have an encounter with Ray, Gabe, and Allie with ended in Shaw K'Naw temporarily blinding Ray and even injured Master Nigel Brightmore in the second encounter. When he came to the museum, Ray used Master Jaha's Fumes to combat Heller and Shaw K'Naw. When Ray and Fumes broke Heller's gauntlet, Shaw K'Naw turned on Heller until Ray told Shaw K'Naw that revenge isn't part of the Light Civilization's way and returned him to the Creature World. Heller was then knocked out by Fumes as Ray leaves Heller for the police. While in jail, Heller was approached by the Choten who "offered him a job" that involves working for him....which Heller accepts. In the fight against the Choten at his hideout, Heller is sucked into the creature world with The Choten, Master Nigel Brightmore, and Fingers.