Hell pound 21591

Hell Pound was the main antagonist of The Diet Syndrome, the 7th segment of the 2010 Japanese anime TV show Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt.

She is a ghost of a woman who failed to diet and lose weight. When she died, she became a vengeful spirit that decided to make everyone obese. To do this, she opened a bakery to use in her plan. She has very large breasts that shoot a cream-like substance that she used as frosting for several of her cakes. The cream contained millions of supernatural germs that when consumed, would make a person fat.

Stocking regularly ate the cakes but upon seeing herself gaining weight, went on a diet but kept getting fatter and fatter. Stocking gave up and eventually consumed many more of the cakes until she became so huge, she destroyed most of her room and most of the church.

Panty and Stocking reach the bakery upon earning the truth about the cakes and encounter Hell Pound. Hell Pound uses her large breasts and shot cream at Panty. Stocking intervenes and eats the cream. Stocking then tries to defeat Hell Pond with her swords but her stockings become stretched, making the swords ineffective. Exposed, Hell Pound tries to escape but Panty gets to Hell Pound and uses her gun to destroy Hell Pound, purifying her spirit. Panty and Stocking earned four Heaven Coins for defeating her. Her destruction and purification also destroy all the germs and everyone who ate the cakes return to their original weight.