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Hell Correspondence
The Hell Correspondence, also known as Hotline to Hell (Jigoku Tsuushin) in Japan, is an urban legend website featured in the anime series Jigoku Shoujo. It is the medium used to contact Enma Ai to ask for her service to send their tormentor to Hell by ferrying them there.


The process of using the Hell Correspondence is by accessing the website in the Internet by midnight & typing the name of the tormentor. Once the request is send, Ai then decides whether she should accept the request or not, depending on the judgement of the client on his/her tormentor. If she does accept the request, she brings the client into the Eternal Twilight or oftentimes visit the client wherever he/she is to give him/her a straw doll, which is actually one of her servants taking its form. She then tells the client that she must pull the red string on the doll in order for them to send their tormentor to Hell, in exchange of being sent to Hell when they die, leaving for them to decide. After the client pulls the string, the tormentor is then tortured by the servants by giving him/her haunting illusions to make them admit for their crimes. Afterwards, Enma Ai then arrives to say her speech & then ferries him/her to Hell. While on the boat, the tormentor tries to ask or convince Ai to row the boat back in which they stated they are innocent, only to be tortured by haunting illusions and Enma Ai saying "This revenge will ferry you to Hell" as they arrived on the entrance. The client in turn receives a mark on his/her chest, showing that he/she made a pact with Enma Ai. In the Eternal Twilight, a candle with the client's name is lighted, showing his/her lifespan and when the fire dies, the client is shown to have died.


Hell Correspondence has existed ever since Feudal Japan, when Enma Ai made a pact with the Master of Hell. The notable earlier version (known as Jigoku Ema) is where the client will write the name of their enemy on an ema (small wooden plaques used by worshippers to write their prayers or wishes) & leaves it on a temple shrine at midnight. When Enma Ai began to have servants, a straw doll is introduced. Centuries later, the communication changed by taking the form of a newspaper advertisement, which can only be seen by people with grudges at midnight. After reading the ad, the client will write the name of the tormentor into a piece of paper and send it to the address . However, as time and technology advanced, with the introduction of the Internet, Hell Correspondence has evolved into a website, making it a popular Internet phenomena.