Real hells satans 1g

Hells Satans are a 1%er outlaw motorcycle club

Bakersfield chapter

The Hell's Satans were an outlaw motorcycle club from Bakersfield, USA. Their leader was Meathook and another known member was Ramrod. When they found out that Homer had formed a motorcycle gang of the same name, they came to Springfield and trashed their house and kidnapped Marge. Marge was made to wash there laundry and had a red scarf tied round her neck.  Homer found them and fought with Meathook for Marge and won.


The Hell's Satans were an outlaw motorcycle club formed by Homer after he won a Harley-Davidson motorcycle at Greaser's Cafe. It consisted of Homer, Lenny, Carl, Moe and Ned. They caused trouble around Springfield and got into a magazine because of this. Homer was then visited by Meathook, the leader of another motorcycle gang called the Hell's Satans as well. After this, the gang broke up.