Infinity Inc Vol 1 17

Dr. Amos Love injected six pregnant women with a drug that would mutate the children. When the children were born, Dr. Love kidnapped them and took them to his house in California, where he kept them inside. The children knew of the outside only what they learned from books and movies. When Dr. Love died, the group of now young adults, emulated their TV heroes, the Justice Society. They each took names and made costumes, calling themselves Helix.

Needing money, Helix kidnapped Infinity Inc. member Fury, but her allies showed up and defeated them. Helix then found out that there were two other children who were experimented on, Infinity Inc. member Wildcat II and man-shark, Carcharo. Wildcat briefly joined Helix, but it turns out she was a spy for Inc. After another battle, the leader of Helix, Mr. Bones, was captured. Carcharo then took over Helix, but quickly turned on them when he abducted Mr. Bones and bit off his leg. Sadly, because of Mr. Bones’ power, Carcharo died of cyanide poisoning. To ensure Mr. Bones safety the rest of Helix turned themselves in. During their trial, the court decided that Mr. Bones was a bad influence on the other children, and was made to join Infinity Inc.

However Mr. Bones was only with them for a short time as his cyanide touch accidentally killed Skyman in a battle with Harlequin. Shortly before Infinity Inc. broke up, Helix did also, but before doing so they disowned Mr. Bones.

The group has since disbanded and Bones has become Director of the DEO, while Arak and Penny Dreadful have both since died while battling Congorilla and Mikaal Tomas. Penny Dreadful actually killed her teammate Arak as he was about to reveal their patrons identity as Libra. The whereabouts of the rest of Helix are unknown as their activities have not been documented.