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Back, beast!
~ Helios, yelling at Bronx and then attacking him during the riot.

Helios is a male New Olympian with the ability to use fire. He is a member of the hostile police force. He and the other New Olympians have a hatred of humans.


The New Olympians

Upon arriving in New Olympus, Helios and the other members of the police force detected Elisa Maza on the island. By detecting the human, he and the other members thought Elisa was causing disasters on the island. At the Senate House, he and Kiron arrived in the arena with Elisa Maza captured.

Helios and the other citizens crowded the Manhattan Clan when trying to explore New Olympus. He attacked Bronx by throwing fire when the gargoyle beast is trying to attack him. Taurus yelled at the rioters to stop attacking Elisa. Elisa is arrested again for causing a riot on the streets.

As Elisa is in her cell, he and the other citizens yelled at her. Helios threw one of his fireballs at Elisa. Taurus took a look at the rioters. He told Helios to keep a look on the pyrotechnic jobs or his job will be lost. Back again, Goliath broke through Elisa's cell and escaped the prison. Helios yelled at Taurus that Elisa has escaped her cell with Goliath.

As dawn approached on New Olympus, Elisa jumped on towards Helios on his chariot. Elisa yelled at him that Proteus is disguising himself as Goliath. Elisa kicked him with her foot, causing him to be immobilized under a lampshade.

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