Helghast Snipers are soldiers of the Helghast Military and have appeared in many Killzone games. They are fierce, barbaric, and treacherous warriors, extremely skilled in combat, and have dedicated themselves to serving the Helghan Empire. They are one of the main antagonists of the Killzone series.


After famous Helghast leader Scolar Visari had rose to power, the Helghast Army had gone through a massive era of endless military growth and soon the Helghast Snipers had become more powerful. Famous for their skills on the battlefield, the Helghast Snipers had been given perfect eye sight ans surgical precise aim. The Visari Corporation had manufactured the weapons the snipers needed and soon they fought the enemy on the battlefield a decade later.


During the events of Killzone, the Helghast Snipers were seen helping Helghast Troops advance deep into the ISA planet of Vekta during the invasion of Vekta in 2357. The snipers were feirce soldiers as their skills in combat had decimated the Vektan Forces and had helped them advance further into the planet. Helghast General Armin Metrac had decided to have all snipers have lighter body armor so they could have better mobility and not be comprimised so quickly. As a result they are seen wearing a robe-like cover over body armour.

Killzone 2

In the sequel Killzone 2, the Helghast Snipers get a new upgrade. They are now given the VC32 Sniper Rifle (with laser attatchment) as the new stabdard issue sniper rifle of the Helghast Army and are given new combat gear which includes a new helmet with built-in laser detectors to sneak out enemies on the battlefield and are seen being fierce defenders of Helghan during the ISA Invaison of Helghan during Operation Archangel. As ISA troops began to crashland on Helghan's shores, the snipers were put incharge of holding off the enemy by orders from Colonel Radec and defended both the planet and Visari with intense resistance but were shocked to find out that Visari was killed and now were repurposed with killing off the retreating ISA Forces in 2359.

Killzone 3

In Killzone 3 the Helghast Snipers are seen defending what's left of Helghan after the ISA Invasion and are attacking the remaining invasion forces now retreating. in 2360 (6 months later) a small ISA outpost in the Kazan Jungle on helghan where ISA soldiers are expected to be reciveing evacuation from the planet where Capture Troopers are seen taking out the remaining ISA Forces. Later on, the snipers are seen in the junkyard attacking Sev and Rico to have the invasion fleet leave orbit undisturbed.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

In Killzone: Shadow Fall the Helghast Snipers have been given a new upgrade and new resources. They now have new combat gear making themselves more meanecing to their enemies along with a new weapon, the StA61 Vultur Sniper Rifle. They now defend the borders of New Helghan now that they can no longer help the advancement of endless batallions of Helghast soldiers. They are more advanced now with better and more modern resources, training, and weapons.


The Helghast Snipers are given the best of the best when it comes to combat. They are armed with powerful and deadly rifles needing only one shot to finish off their enemies. In the games, the snipers are located on top of buildings and are seen picking off the ISA troops one by one. In Killzone 2&3 they are purched on top of ruined buidlings and their lasers point out their enemies even if they expose them sometimes, they still kill with their powerful kick. They also appear to have the ability to cloack and are more mobile then in previous games.


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