You should've killed him yourself! You had plenty of opportunity!
~ Brandt trying to defend herself while being accused of the failure to kill James Bond.

Helga Brandt is a henchwoman who works for Ernst Stavro Blofeld and a supporting antagonist in the James Bond film You Only Live Twice. She is number 11 in the SPECTRE hierarchy and poses as a secretary to Mr. Osato, a SPECTRE operative posing as an industrialist.

She was portrayed by the late Karin Dor.


Bond first meets this seductive young woman when he comes to meet Osato. She and Osato arrive by helicopter. She is a cute redhead in her late 20s, is wearing an orange top, a white skirt and heels and her eyes are covered with a lot of blue eye shadow. After being introduced to Bond as Osato's personal secretary she offers him a glas of champagne which he politely turns down. Helga takes notes for her boss but seems quite flirty when talking to 007. When Bond leaves Osato orders Brandt to kill 'Mr. Fisher', and she has no choices but assuming this order.

Later at the Kobe docks Bond is captured and taken to see her on board the freighter Ning-po, where she is now wearing a sexy dress and is heavily made-up. She has been ordered to kill him, but luckily for Bond, she is single, attracted by him and obviously wants to satisfy her physical needs instead of obeying her bosses. During the interrogation, Bond lies to Brandt saying that he is an industrial spy and offers Brandt $150,000 to help escape back to Tokyo. She first tries to refuse, saying her boss would kill her, but she can't resist to finally kiss and free him. She is soon naked in front of him and the pair has sex. The next day while traveling in a Meyers 200 however she decides to accomplish her job to kill Bond to avoid being punished by her bosses. She parachutes out after dropping a magnesium flare disguised as a tube of lipstick onto the floor leaving Bond to try and control the diving plane. He manages an emergency landing narrowly escaping before the plane blows up.

Later at Blofeld's volcano lair, she is seen in a red-tailored skirt working for her boss and helping the organization to capture a Russian ship. Blofeld then calls Brandt and Osato to his quarters. Blofeld accused Osato of failing to kill Bond, and Osato immediately put the whole blame on Helga, who can't deny it due to her very low rank. Fearing she is going to pay the price alone, the secretary panicks and says that Osato is as responsible as herself, but Blofeld and Osato are displeased with Number 11's failures and she is severely reminded that it is not accepted. Blofeld orders the imploring secretary to leave, and decides to very cruelly punish her by dropping her to his piranha tank, in order to make an example of her. The poor girl desperately screams to be helped but the hungry fishes don't let her any chance: seconds later, she dies being eaten alive to the bones while screaming out of unimaginable pain. Blofeld then orders Osato to kill Bond if he doesn't want to pay the same awful price.



Helga Brandt

Helga Brandt

Helga Brandt's Death


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