Heel Magnus

Helen Magnus in her psychotic state

I'm not so common (chuckles evilly)
~ Helen Magnus, in her psychotic state, taunting Will

Helen Magnus is the lead character and main protagonist in the SyFy channel series, Sanctuary. In episode 1.09, "Requiem," Helen was the main villainess.

She was portrayed by Amanda Tapping, who also played Naomi on Supernatural.


In the episode, Helen and Will are on the Sanctuary submarine, Nautilus, on a mission after receiving a distress call from a mermaid named Sally. Once they find the merfolk, they are all massacred, including Sally. During this mission, Helen begins feeling unwell; experiencing headaches, spasms in her hand, and a nosebleed. After these symptoms appear, it is discovered that Helen is infected with a parasite in her brain, and she and Will find the same parasite in Sally. The parasite eliminates the logic part of the brain and turns those infected into dangerous and violent killers, which is what happened to the merfolk. The same thing begins to happen to Helen, as she begins to act more aggressive towards Will and demanding to go deeper into the ocean. The ship is 3,000 feet below by the time it hits a mountain shelf, and Will checks their monitor to see where they are. At that moment, Helen turned villainous and knocked Will out from behind with a wrench.

Will finds himself tied to a chair, while the evil Helen berates him; accusing him of profiling her and lying to her. Will acquiesces to Helen's maniacal demand to go deeper, but he later frees himself and attempts to lock her into the flooded section, but is unsuccessful. Will points a gun at Helen, but knowing that he won't shoot her, Helen taunted him by telling him not to miss. At that moment, Helen takes the gun from Will with the intent of shooting him, but Will had removed the magazine. Helen takes the sub even deeper, but Will manages to lock her in and shut the oxygen off, a call back to the opening scene. Of course, Will does this to get the parasite out, which happens after Helen loses consciousness. After the parasite is freezed, Will revives Helen, who is fully back to normal.