Helen Mackie

Helen Mackie was the villainess from "Vanity's Mirror," a first season episode of Friday the 13th: The Series.

She was played by Ingrid Veninger.


Helen Mackie was the socially awkward younger sister of the popular Joanne Mackie, and she had been teased on numerous occasions by boys at school, with Scott (Joanne's boyfriend) being the only one who stood up for her. Because of this, Helen developed a crush on Scott, unbeknownst to Joanne. Helen managed to acquire a cursed compact, and looks into it while she is bullied again by a group of boys. Once the light on the compact shines on Greg, one of the bullies, he immediately becomes enamored by Helen, who is bothered his sudden affection, until she decides to use it to her advantage. She later walks Greg towards a trash compactor, where she (purposely) drops her handkerchief. While Greg retrieves it, Helen turns the compactor on, and leaves him to be killed even after getting it back. Knowing the compact's evil power, Helen uses it on one of Greg's friends, who she kills with a table saw.

On prom night, Helen appears all dressed and dolled up, much to the surprise of Joanne and Scott. At that moment, Helen shines her compact on Scott, who later makes out with Helen in front of a shocked Joanne, who strikes her evil younger sister. Helen orders the spellbound Scott to subdue Joanne, and laughs evilly as she watched. Helen and Scott attended the prom, where they were confronted by Micki, Ryan, and Jack. The protagonists warn Helen that she'll end up having to kill Scott like she did the others, as part of the curse, causing a dismayed Helen to run off with Scott. The pair reached the rooftop of the school, where Helen comes to the realization that the only way they can be together is in death. Shortly afterwards, both Helen and Scott jumped to their deaths.


  • Ingrid Veninger appeared later in the series in the episode, "13 O'Clock," but not as a villain.