Hel Spites was a major antagonist of Vandal Hearts, and the Defense Minister of the Republic of Istaria.

History and Coup d'etat

After General Magnus travels to Gilbaris Island in search of a powerful stone, the protagonists of the game go in search of him. Ash and his team eventually find General Magnus, who has been turned into Magnus, Dark Lord, and defeat him. Magnus reveals that he was planning on using the stone to bring down Hel, as his power is growing.

An arrow is shot at Magnus, not hitting any vitals, and then Kane Spites (Hel's son) and his Crimson Guard (Terrorist Faction Group), come and arrest Eleni, Huxley and General Magnus. Ash, Diego, Clint, Sarah, Amon, Dolan and Grog break them out the following night.

Once they get out of the prison they are greeted by Hel and Dolf. Hel has the stone Magnus came to retrieve. Just as Hel is about to arrest Ash, Magnus and Ash's team, Magnus summons the rest of the power he retained from the stone and conjures energy towards Dolf. Dolf conjures energy as well, and they make a rip in the space-time fabric. The ripple takes Magnus, Ash, Sarah and Grog away.

After they disappear, Hel completes his rise to power, claiming that Magnus was assassinated by someone within the Security Defense Force (Ash's platoon), which his competitor led. Hel then places himself on the Ashah Dynasty throne and develops an Imperial Istaria. His rule is absolute, and any rebel group that tried to stop him was crushed by the Crimson Guard.

Later, Ash, Sarah, and Grog (Magnus who had died) would return back to the present with the help of the Great Mage, Zohar. Ash met up with his team and Clive, the ex-leader of the Security Defense Force, and planned go after Hel.

However, after Dolf had what he needed, he assassinated Hel, claiming it to be the work of an extremist faction.

With Hel dead, Dolf began plotting the destruction of the world, using the Flames of Judgement.