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Made the game 'Conker Bad Fur Day'

Heinrich is the final boss in the game; Conker's Bad Fur Day.


After Berri gets shot by Don Weaso, Professor von Kripplesac starts blabbering about egg cycles of aliens. The Panther King asks Professor von Kriplespac what he is talking about, but all of a sudden, his breath cuts short, starts coughing weakly, and after seconds passed, he gets a horrible surprise.

A black, reptilian figure with a tail bursts out of the Panther King's chest, instantly killing him. Von Kripplesac decides to call the creature, "Heinrich", and then, orders him to kill Conker. Conker then runs over to the lever and pulls it, opening up the air vault, where Berri's body, The Panther King, and Von Kripplesac get sucked into space (Don Weaso's fate is unknown), and Conker runs out the room to don a heavy Spacesuit to battle Heinrich. Conker then tries to defeat him by throwing him into space, but to no avail does he get sucked in.

After throwing him out two more times, Heinrich gets his grip and is climbing back up, and powerfully pounces at him like a panther, where the game then freezes up. Conker contacts a game programmer and agrees to keep the lock-up a secret in exchange for help beating Heinrich. Conker is transported to the Panther King's throne room and allowed to choose any weapon he wants to defeat him. After grabbing and storing a Shotgun and a crossbow, he chooses a katana, and decapitates Heinrich before the weapon can kill him, causing acidic green blood burning up part of the floor. After that, Franky comes out of nowhere, looks at a dead Heinrich on the floor, and says that Conker is now king.


  • Heirich strongly resembles a Xenomorph from the movie; Alien.
    • Before the Boss battle begins, Conker wears a robotic suit, and quotes Ellen Ripley; "Get away from her, you BITCH!"