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Heidi the Hippo is the main character in Meet the Feebles. She's the star of The Fabulous Feebles Variety Hour, and is one of the show's main draws. Despite being the show's big star and a talented singer, she is overweight and has bipolar tendencies. After being insulted by Trevor, she comes to complain to the man she loves, Bletch, who is actually in an adulterous relationship with Samantha. Bletch only wants to use Heidi to become successful. Although Bletch is physically disgusted with Heidi, he insincerely comforts her since he needs her talent on the show.

Later outside, when Heidi returned from her outdoor workout, Samantha insults Heidi, claiming Bletch really wants Samantha. Enraged, Heidi attacks her and tosses her in a box. Distraught, Heidi drowns her sorrows in an entire chocolate cake, as she reminisces about her past romance with Bletch in a black-and-white flashback to her days as a lounge singer. Heidi then goes to a bakery and overeats everything in sight. The flatulence from the cakes causes Heidi to lay waste to the set during the rehearsal of a feature number. Sebastian lambastes her for overeating and thus destroying the set. Heidi again rushes to Bletch for emotional affirmation, but he is unable to spare her the sight of Samantha performing oral sex on him. Heidi trashes her room in a rage, and locks herself in her room and refuses to perform, but relents after Bletch has make-up sex with her.

Heidi's performance secures the Feebles a syndicated series. Shortly afterwards, Heidi attempts to seduce Bletch in his office, but Bletch completely disowns her since Samantha can now be the star of the show. Heidi then sobbed when Bletch kicked her out of his office, leaving her naked and heartbroken. Unfortunately, Bletch is unaware of Heidi's extremely fragile mental state.

While the live show is proceeding elsewhere, Heidi attempts suicide by hanging, but her weight breaks the chandelier from the ceiling and she falls through the floor. She makes her way to Bletch's machine gun and tries to kill herself, but at the last moment, Samantha shows up and taunts her. She responds quickly by murdering Samantha with full of lead with her machine gun, while Wynard in a drugged stupor tries to kill Robert before accidentally killing himself. Sebastian does his "Sodomy" number, while at the same time Heidi rampages over the entire set, killing most of the crew, and the audience fled in terror. She finally finds Bletch and pumps many rounds into him as well - although she feels terribly guilty doing so. Bletch lies to Heidi about loving her and orders Trevor to kill her but Robert swings just in the nick of time to kick Trevor in order to save Heidi and Heidi literally blows Bletch's brain out. Realizing that she killed her love, she gives up her gun and sadly sings "Garden of Love", leading into the epilogue and the credits. In the epilogue, it's shown that after spending ten years in a female penitentiary, Heidi works in a super market now.


  1. Samantha the Cat - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  2. Harry the Hare - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  3. Abi - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  4. Dorothy the Sheep - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  5. Rabbit Girls - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  6. Chorus-girls - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  7. Musician Frog - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  8. Poodle - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  9. Pekingese - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  10. Sandy the Chicken - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  11. Trevor the Rat - Shot by Heidi the Hippo
  12. Bletch - Shot by Heidi the Hippo

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