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Hecubah from nox

Hecubah is the main villainess from the oldschool videogame ''Nox'' made by Westwood Studios.

The only thing revealed about her past is that she was found as a baby by Jandor after a war of necromancers and he gave her to the care of a tribe of ogres.

At the beginning of the game, Hecubah summoned the Orb, a powerful artifact used in the necromancers war, but her spells accidentally also brought Jack, the hero of the game, from Earth to the world of Nox, leading to her eventual downfall.

Her fate varies between three different endings. In the Warrior ending, she is killed by Jack. In the Conjurer ending, she is imprisoned inside the Orb, and in the Wizard ending, one of her spells backfires and she's turned into an amnesiac and good natured woman and is implied she became Jack's girlfriend.

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