Hector, nicknamed the Toad is a colombian gang leader and a minor antagonist in the 1983's film Scarface.

Hector moved to Miami in the 1970s and started making cocaine deals with many associates. In 1980, he had a room at the Sun Ray Hotel. Tony agreed to carry out a job for Frank's henchman Omar Suarez, to buy cocaine from Hector. Tony, Manny Ribera, and associates Angel and Chi-Chi drive to the deal in a room, which quickly goes bad. Hector then pulls out a chainsaw and kills Angel and is about to do the same to Tony when Manny and Chi-Chi storm the apartment and flood it with machine gun fire at the Colombians. He tried to escape using the chainsaw to smash through the walls, where he ended up in the street where Montana then shoots Hector in the head and stomach, killing him.