Hector Savage

Hector Savage

Hector Savage is a secondary antagonist in the 1991 film The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear.

He is portrayed by Anthony James.


Hector is an elusive assassin working for Quentin Hapsburg, the film's main antagonist. After Hector blows up a building, Lieutenant Frank Drebin becomes suspicious of Hapsburg and presents him with a photograph of Hector, asking him who the assassin is. Hapsburg claims he has no idea of the man's identity, despite the fact that Hector had escaped the scene in a van registered in Hapsburg's name.

Later, Hapsburg orders Hector to assassinate his own girlfriend, Jane Spencer (who also happens to be Drebin's love interest). Hector sneaks into her bathroom while she's having a shower but is emotionally overcome by her singing, to which he begins to join in. After the volume of his own singing voice reaches such a height, a horrified Jane screams and alerts Drebin, who is also in the apartment. Drebin tackles Hector and a scuffle ensues, in which Hector rams an electric toothbrush into his mouth while Drebin blasts Hector with a hairdryer. Hector throws a towel at Drebin before attempting to escape, but he trips over a pig in the hallway that had escaped from a nearby zoo (courtesy of Drebin). Believing him to be unconscious, Drebin prepares to arrest Hector, only to be attacked seconds later. As Hector attempts to stab Drebin with a knife, Drebin reaches for a fire hose attached to the wall and shoves it into Hector's mouth before switching the water on. A stunned Hector then begins rapidly inflating with water, but when Drebin tries to switch it back off, the water handle falls off. In desperation, Drebin goes back into Jane's apartment and shuts the door, just as Hector's body violently explodes in a shower of water.

Hector's death (Naked Gun 2)

Hector inflates with water after having a fire hose shoved in his mouth