Hector McBadger is the main antagonist of Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks. He is a young badger who lives in the village of Tara in Ireland in the 1950s and is also the rival of the show's protagonist Piggley Winks and his friends Ferny Toro and Dannan Mallard.

Hector isn't a bad badger, but sometimes he has an odd way of showing his friendship like tricking the friends into giving up their lunches by pretending to be a troll.

Despite being mostly portrayed as the stereotype school bully, Hector does have a soft side when it comes to animals. In the episode "New Best Friends", Hector is partnered with Piggley to take pictures of the local wildlife for school. Hector becomes determined to take a picture of a doe and her fawn, but later finds the fawn stuck on top of ancient ruins and helps it down and watches it go back to it's mother. In the episode "A Little Something Extra Extra", when doing a school project on making a news story, Hector finds a lamb from Raloo Farm (where Piggley lives) and takes it back home to it's mother, unaware that Dannan followed him and made his deed her news story.

He is voiced by Pamela Adlon.