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Hector Gonzales
Hector Gonzales is the quaternary antagonist of the 1981 James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only. He is a Cuban hitman who was played by Stefan Kalipha.


He was employed by Aris Kristatos to kill Timothy Havelock, the man who was employed by the British government to find the sunken ship containing the ATAC devise. When Havelocks daughter Melina visits her parents on board of their yacht, Hector approaches them via plane. Initially expecting the man to be just a tourist, the Havelocks wave at the plane but grow suspecting when the plane comes far too close. With a minigun attached to the plane Gonzales then kills Havelock and his wife, but not Melina, who was in the cabin at the process.

Able to identify Gonzales as the hitman by Melina's testimony, the MI6 sends Bond to Madrid, where Gonzales is awaiting his payment for the job. Bond is sent to get information out of Gonzales. While sneaking in the club, Bond witnesses Gonzales getting paid by Locque. However, shortly after he is found by Gonzales' henchmen and brought before the assassin. Gonzales tells them to bring Bond away and intends to dive into the club's pool. Before he lands in the water he is shot mid-air by Melina, who snuck into the club to get revenge for her parent's murder, with a crossbow. In the resulting chaos Bond escapes.


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