Hector Con Carne is the main character of Evil Con Carne. He is the leader and founder of a group known as Evil Con Carne.


Early life

Hector Con Carne was a millionaire playboy that desired world domination until a bomb disguised as a nurse from Cod Commando destroyed his human body except his still living brain and now somehow sentient stomach. In order to keep him alive, Major Dr. Ghastly attacked him to a circus bear named Boskov.

New Vessel

Now attached to the body of Boskov, Hector Con Carne decides to continue his attempts to conquer the world. Deciding to move into Bunny Island to continue is goal of world domination and use it as base for his organization, Evil Con Carne.


  • The words "Con Carne" mean "With meat" in spanish.
  • He is called "Hectorado" in Latin America.