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Senator Hector Bunsen was the main antagonist from the 1987 film Assassination, which also starred Charles Bronson and Jill Ireland.

Bunsen was a member of the same party as President Calvin Craig and acted as one of his top advisers and supporters in Congress.

The President, unable to have children due to an accident during his time in the service, had entered into a marriage of convenience with a college friend named Lara Royce some years prior. She had agreed to stay married through the election. Realizing that being divorced would lead to the President's downfall in the following election, Bunsen began plotting behind the President's back to have the First Lady eliminated. He reasoned that while the American electorate wouldn't vote for a divorced man they would vote for a widower.

Assassins hired by Bunsen made several attempts to assassinate Mrs. Craig, all of which failed. The leader of the assassins tried to reassure Bunsen that they would succeed in their task, but Bunsen was getting frustrated and implied that if they failed again he would have them taken care of.

The Secret Service agent Jay Killian figured this out after talking with Lara Royce Craig. After finally eliminating all of the assassins he had his fellow agents sent to arrest Bunsen in a Washington office building. In a struggle Bunsen crashed through the glass wall of the building elevator and plunged to his death.


Bunsen was played by the late actor Michael Ansara, who is most well known for playing Kang in various Star Trek television series.

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