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Anybody else tired?!
~ Hector

Hector was the secondary antagonist in the 2012 action film The Expendables 2.

He was portrayed by Scott Adkins, who also portrayed Lucian in the MCU film Doctor Strange


Hector is a high-ranking member and the second-in-command of a group of mercenaries known as the Sangs, and he serves as the right-hand-man of Jean Vilain, the film's main antagonist. When the Expendables travel to Albania to recover a special computer system with the location of five tons of plutonium, the Sangs capture Billy "The Kid" Timmons, a young sniper working with the Expendables, and demand that the Expendables hand over the computer in exchange for Billy's life. Even after they retrieve the item, Hector holds a knife in front of Billy while Vilain roundhouse kicks it into his heart, killing him. Hector, his boss and the other Sangs then depart in a helicopter.

Vilain and the Sangs then travel to an abandoned mine housing the hidden plutonium, where many inhabitants from the local villages are being forced to work. When an elderly worker claims he is tired, Hector shoots him dead. Later on, Lee Christmas fights Hector as he is about to take off in a helicopter, eventually killing him by pushing his head into the helicopter's rotor blades.


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