Hector is the titular "hero" of Hector: Badge of Carnage - a point-and-click adventure game set in a comical crapstick world version of Britain, despite being a "hero" Hector is corrupt and more than a little flawed: he does not save the world willingly but rather because he has no choice.

Hector is portrayed as a fat, middle-aged police officer who is addicted to alcohol and junk food, has terrible hygiene and an unhealthy obsession with crime - he sees himself as able to do whatever he wants because of his role as a police officer (a trait shared by many in his force).

Hector also loves pornography and was horrified when the main antagonist of the game forced him to destroy a local porn shop (uttering "You monster!") - he was happy to utilize bribes as well as generally utilize tactics that would be highly illegal in the real world.

Hector had been responsible for clearing his city of many criminals more dangerous than himself however so was by no means an "evil" individual so much as corrupt - he was also vulgar and foul-mouthed, though this was hardly his worst trait.