Crossroads - Hecate II

Hecate as seen in Class of the Titans with her human form

Hecate is the Greek Goddess of the crossroads, magic, the moon, ghosts and necromancy. She appears in "See you at the Crossroads".


She is the goddess of magic and witchcraft. Originally a benevolent entity, she was corrupted by her own power and banished from the underworld for her wickedness. Exiled and sealed away on the moon, Cronus takes advantage of the full moon appearing on Halloween night to free her at the meeting of three roads (the crossroads) using a ground based satellite control station.

Crossroads - Hecate III

Hecate's true, triplicate form

Once freed, she appears through at a movie screen and attempts to summon the dead to overtake the living and steals back a pair of torches which maximize her powers of witchcraft. The Chosen Ones defeat her by trapping her inside the movie's dimension. When she holds the torches, she takes on her triplicate form, sprouting the heads of a bear, dog, and horse. She was stopped for a while by a cake landing on her head, something that is sacred to witches.