Heaven's Helpers (also secretly known as "Heaven's Helpers Youth Cult" is a strange fanatical cult and a villainous group in the episode "Chitty Chitty Death Bang" of Family Guy.

Jennifer who was obviously a brainwashed member of this cult, tried to get Meg Griffin to join in.

When the cult's leader left to put on his ceremonial robe prior to the cult ingesting poison, Peter Griffin arrived to talk Meg into returning home for Stewie Griffin's first birthday party. The cult takes their poison accidentally in a toast, leaving the leader alone. Determined not to die alone, he pursues Meg home where he is mistaken by Stewie as "The Man in White"; or the doctor who participated in his birth. Stewie then vaporizes him.


  • Heaven's Helpers are a parody of the real-life suicide cult Heaven's Gate.
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