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Heather Taffet is a major villain of seasons 2 and 4 of Fox Television series Bones. She is a female lawyer and serial killer. Her modus operandi is to sneak up on her victims, knock them out, and bury them in a hidden container with a limited supply of air. If the ransom is not paid, the victim will die. Taffert was killed by Jacob Broadsky after her victim's father hired him for avenge the death of his sons, whom were killed by Taffet.



Taffet was once married to a man named William Burton for one month. However, after she was divorced from her husband, she used a fake identity to rent a storage facility where she stored her equipment used to commit her crimes. Becoming the serial killer the Gravedigger, Taffet committed six abductions, though four of her victims were released when the ransoms were paid. In the sixth abduction, Taffet kidnapped Ryan and Matthew Kent, trapping them in the container and cuttonf off their air supply by around 12 hours, resulting in both of them dying. 

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