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Heather hills
Heather Hills, though not an evil-doer, is an antagonist from the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Dog Days. In the movie, she is a beautiful sixteen-year-old young lady with excess makeup, long golden hair and a female equivalent to Rodrick but even more spoiled. She has a Suite Sixteen party in the movie, she was origionally in love with Rodrick. She responds angrily to Rodrick and his band playing a metal version of "Baby" and her cake is ruined. She also bullies her sister Holly Hills, as Rodrick did to Greg. She does not want her Sweet Sixteen to get ruined. Her personality can be classified as mean, vain, bully, panicky, beautiful, short-tempered and arrogant. She is also quite grumpy and selfish.

In the book, however, she is shown to be going to college and is more mild - mannered. She was Rowleys babysitter and Greg eventually had a crush on her. In the Dog Days book, Greg ends his affection (possibly) when a kid throws up ice cream behind her seat. He makes her pick it up.

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