Heat Man is one of the eight robot masters and bosses in Mega Man 2. He's a fire Robot Master based on Fire Man. His body is similar to that of a Zippo Lighter, and can retract his head using his lid for extra protection, but does have a tendency to close on him unintentionally. He's design to be resist to heat, and has a dial on his back that regulates the power of his flames (which Heat Man himself is unaware of).

Heat Man's Special Weapon is his Atomic Fire, a heat-based weapon powered by nuclear energy. It can be charged to produce fire up to 12,000 degree Celsius. Additionally, he can spit fire out of his mouth and can summon huge fire blasts from his hand. His primary attack is covering himself in flame and charging at his opponents. He is carefree and is happy to do his work at his own past, but is lacks enthusiasm for his works. He likes summer barbecues, but dislike water and cold things.

Heat Man can be difficult if the player doesn't have his weakness. When he use Atomic Fire, he releases three fire blobs that turns into fire pillar when they touch the ground. After receiving a few damage, he will ignite himself and start dashing around, in which he is invincible during which. His weakness is the Bubble Lead, which can ignore the fire pillars, and defeating him grants Mega Man his Atomic Fire.