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Headless Horseman's head is a possesed object in TV show Sleepy Hollow. The skull belongs to the Headless Horseman. After Ichabod Crane chopped off the horseman's head, the head was buried in the "tomb" of Katrina Crane. Later, the Horseman tries to get his head without any cost.

The head is invulnerable. When Ichabod and Abbie try to destroy the skull, they use every method they could think but they are all useless. Then, they use the skull as a bait to lure the Horseman to their trap. Frank Irving later saved the skull into the bank. In the second season, Ichabod and Abbie get the skull back from the bank, in order to awake the Kindred, the "Frankenstein's Monster" made by Benjamin Franklin for confronting the Death.

With the destruction of the Kindred, the skull of the Horseman remained in one piece. Ichabod Crane was later able to locate the head and use it to summon the horseman from Pandora's box. As the Horseman attempted to use the skull's power to kill Pandora, it was swallowed by the box and the box eventually exploded with Pandora's death.

The skull's condition currently remains unknown.

In other media

  • In some folklores, the Headless Horseman uses a Jack-O-Lantern as his head.
  • In 1999 movie Sleepy Hollow, the head of the Headless Horseman is the only thing that can brake the deal between the Horseman and Lady Van Tassel. After Ichabod returns the skull to the Horseman, the Horseman is freed from control and drag Lady Van Tassel to the hell.

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